A complete list of my work at the magazine can be found on its Web site. Here is a collection of selected features:


Light and Shadow tells the story of Matthew Wong, a brilliant self-taught painter who was rapidly ascending the New York art world, until his untimely death in the fall of 2019.

Family Secrets profiles CeCe Moore, a pioneering genetic geneologist, who uses her knowledge of DNA and ancestral research to crack cold cases, and help catch deadly criminals.

Ghost Walls goes deep inside Beijing's brutal crackdown against Uyghurs and Kazakhs in northwestern China. Winner of the 2022 RFK Human Rights International Print Award.


Degrees of Freedom tells the intertwining stories of a neuroscientist and a human subject as they strive to push the boundaries of direct brain-machine integration.

Transfiguration profiles Dallas Wiens—a burn victim from Texas who was the first recipient of a full face transplant—and the doctors who performed and pioneered the operation.

The Unseen explores how Slava Epstein helped develop an innovative way to search for new antibiotics, by cultivating classes of bacteria once deemed impossible to study.


Azzam the American tells the story of an American who joined al Qaeda. As it traces his life, it explores homegrown terrorism. It was a finalist for a National Magazine Award.

The Kill Company dissects a war crime in Iraq. It was a finalist for the Martha Gellhorn Prize, and incorporated into the curriculum at the Command Staff and General College.

Operation Delirium investigates Cold War human experiments. Its online portal, made with The New Yorker’s multimedia team, was a National Magazine Award finalist.


No Secrets and Man Without a Country each profiles Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, at a different moment in his life—first in 2010, then in 2017.

The Burn List tells the long, strange, epic story of Tiversa, a cybersecurity company that went disasterously off the rails.

Star in a Bottle combines explanatory and investigative journalism to profile a global effort to build a thermonuclear reactor, the world’s largest terrestrial scientific experiment.


The Long View follows Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky to Nigeria during his quest to document humanity's largest, most enduring, changes to the planet.

Dream Worlds profiles sci-fi writer N.K. Jemisin, the only author in the genre to win three Hugo awards for best novel.

In the Picture documents the rise of JR from a graffiti tagger on the streets of Paris to international art phenom.