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Published: 09/11/2010
For the record
Recently, you may have read stories on the Internet implying that Les Inrockuptibles, a French magazine, bought the reprint rights to "No Secrets," my New Yorker article on WikiLeaks. So far, no publication in France has purchased the rights to use that article. This week, Bernard Zekri, the editor of Les Inrockuptibles, has issued a statement in his magazine that explains what has happened, and why. Here is the official version of his statement in English:

The August 25th edition of Les Inrockuptibles (issue No. 769) featured two stories about WikiLeaks, the first titled, "WikiLeaks Les Croisés De L'Info," and the second, which was shorter, titled, "Julian Assange: Un Passé De Hacker." We would like to clarify a few things about these articles. We attributed the first to Nicolas Hervé, a pseudonym. The story came from an article by Raffi Khatchadourian, published in The New Yorker on June 7, 2010, under the title "No Secrets," but we did not reach Mr. Khatchadourian to ask for his permission to use it, and because we updated his material with some new information, we decided that a pseudonym was appropriate. At the bottom of that article, we noted that The New Yorker was a source, and we noted the issue date, but undoubtedly we should have done more. The second story about WikiLeaks, "Julian Assange: Un Passé De Hacker," had no byline and no sourcing, but every detail and quotation was also taken from "No Secrets." We regret the error.